Erika Goytizolo

Erika Goytizolo

I never doubted the success and acceptance of my restaurant because it was conceived with the best life experiences, love and even weirdly timing. I relied on the emotional and perceptual intelligence of my guests and proved right. There is still a market for what is genuine and real. Our ambience is joyful with delightful flavours, music, cocktail, wines and true warmth in the service.

My love for food and the process was born since an early age and the greatest inspiration and hero was my grandmother. She always had her magical endless pots of food and a generosity to feed not just her family but anyone that needed a meal. The memories of her hacking of the machete in the patio doing her mise en place while teaching me all the lessons on how to value food and labor to produce it. Above all to be thankful and caring to our Pachamama for providing cure and nutrition.

Many other sisters also inspired me throughout my life. They are not known, they are often the ones you pass by and ignore in the process but to me they are my justification to do better and more, for sisterhood, for the respect they deserve, for the chances they didn’t get and that I won’t ever take for granted.

I have no regard for being underestimated or fitting into anyone’s prejudice. I am extremely proud of taking my space and realizing my personal dream. In my little humble way, I am taking one for the team.

These sisters are in their market stalls selling their produce or hot soups, on the street corners selling their fresh made tamales or fruit juices, on the buses and by the traffic lights carrying an infant on their back and offering their candy to make a living. They are everywhere, in every county or city you ever visited, in your own town. They are the ones that overcome everyday adversity, discrimination, challenges and still stand strong, they are my silent heroes and forever motivation.

I am reminded of them and grow stronger in my role as a restaurant owner. Every time I have to work my kitchen or washing the dishes, cleaning fridges, caring for my wines, repairing machinery, schedules, bookings I feel like I can do anything and everything.

My meaning was to take on a fine scene in Stockholm and display my cultural gastronomical heritage. It is needed not only for diversity purposes but to also inspire other sisters that regardless of nationality, age, or background we also must be seen, heard and given the opportunity to showcase their trade in good locations and even encourage investment and support.

Canta Lola means Sing Lola in Spanish...she is my alter ego and a force of nature, joy, laughter, limitless, unbreakable, relentless. She is the personification of being your own 100%.

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